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Kunstverket Galleri at London Original Print Fair 2018

Kunstverket Galleri is proud to present Ørnulf Opdahl, Sidsel Westbø, Håvard Homstvedt, Sverre Malling, Arne Bendik Sjur, Erling Valtyrson and Patrick Huse at the London Original Print Fair 3-6 May. Booth 15. Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly. Free tickets.

The London Original Print Fair is the longest-running specialist print fair in the world. Bringing together some 50 international exhibitors with expert print knowledge, LOPF provides an opportunity to buy contemporary prints and rare works by modern and old masters. Our attendance is supported by OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway. 

Kunstverket Galleri has since its establishment in 1989 worked with contemporary art from the Nordic countries. Our main focus is to promote and display high quality works on paper and graphic prints from established and renowned Nordic artists. The gallery is located in Kirkegata 5 in Oslo, right in the square known as Kvadraturen, a popular area for contemporary art galleries, surrounding the Museum of Contemporary Art. Today, we have a total of 8 employees, divided between three individual departments: the Gallery, the Art-in-Architecture Department and the Prints-and Publications Department.

Gallery statement

Kunstverket Galleri intends to promote graphic prints and works on paper as a serious contributor to the Norwegian contemporary art scene. Through curating and promoting exhibitions that display the foremost graphic print artists in the Nordic region, the exhibitions program will manifest itself by contributing with something unique for every show; to educate the audience in the knowledge that graphic prints are a serious contender and an independent technique on the contemporary art scene.


Kunstverket Galleri at London Original print Fair 2016

About our exhibitions program

The exhibitions program functions as one of the most dynamic departments in the gallery, as exhibitions are changed monthly - displaying the foremost contemporary artists working with graphic prints and works on paper. The main focus is solo-exhibitions with established artists showing new works and, for them, new techniques. Through invitation only, the artists are encouraged to focus on new techniques, thus creating unique shows that are quite different from what the audience would usually meet in a gallery dealing with prints. 



Ørnulf Opdahl: Light, Spring, Etching.

Ørnulf Opdahl, an internationally acclaimed painter and graphic artist. His works explore the vast and majestic landscapes of the west coast of Norway. Moving between observation and abstraction, Opdahl employs strong elements of colour and shape to build up compositions that highlight the scale of these epic proportions of nature.


Sidsel Westbø: Clouds above the landscape 2, Drypoint and surface printing

Sidsel Westbø, one of Norways foremost graphic printmakers. She has throughout her career worked almost exclusively with a combination of drypoint and metal printing. She works with abstract motifs, usually in series, creating rythmic works often inspired by nature and architecture.

Haavard Homstvedt: The room between 2, Aquatint etching

Haavard Homstvedt has a MFA in printmaking from Yale University. In recent years, he has been experimenting with graphic prints, and in particular etchings and monoprints. His narrative motives, interleaving a multitude of references and styles, are built up gradually through layers and with particular focus on texture.

Sverre Malling: Peacock 1, Etching

Sverre Malling has attracted acclaim on a national scale for his precise and intricate drawings, with entwined references to classical art, botany, the occult and folk art. He has in the past year worked intensively with graphic prints, both lithography and drypoint engravings, and managed to produce prints of rare quality.

Arne Bendik Sjur:Rembrandt`s Father, Drypoint, hand colored

Arne Bendik Sjur is a prominent Norwegian graphic artist, working with detailed drypoint engravings. Sjur creates his evolving series by working on a single plate, printing an edition, then reworking the existing plate through multiple states. In his characteristic motives he combines the beautiful with the grotesque and the bizarre with the realistic.

Erling Valtyrson: Heads, Birds, Mezzotint

Erling Valtyrson, one the few artists working solely with mezzotint. Valtyrson is known for being a master of this technique, and his works has gained wide international recognition. His motifs refer to the traditional vanitas and surrealism.

Patrick Huse: Jotunheim III, Woodcut

Patrick Huse, is a Norwegian painter and multi media artist, working on the borderline between anthropology and art. In his printmaking, Huse interprets nature through both photopolymer and woodcuts - presenting a profound understanding of the qualities of each technique. 


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