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Kunstverket Galleri at London Original Print Fair 2019

Kunstverket Galleri is proud to present Ørnulf Opdahl, Sidsel Westbø, Hanne Borchgrevink, Erling Valtyrson, Tore Hansen, Sverre Bjertnes and Bjarne Melgaard at the London Original Print Fair 25th-28th April. Stand 19. Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly. Free tickets.

The London Original Print Fair is the longest-running specialist print fair in the world. Bringing together some 50 international exhibitors with expert print knowledge, LOPF provides an opportunity to buy contemporary prints and rare works by modern and old masters. Our attendance is supported by OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway. 

Kunstverket Galleri is a leading gallery for contemporary fine art prints based in central Oslo. Our main focus is to promote and display high quality works on paper of artists from the Nordic countries.

Nordic printmaking as a tradition started when Edvard Munch (1863-1944) experimented with graphic art as a contemporary medium in the 1890s. Building on these traditions, Nordic artists have since evolved printmaking. Common influences being a melancholic sense, and a strong connection to the characteristic nature of the Nordic regions. Every print represented by Kunstverket Galleri holds an internationally high standard of craftsmanship.

Kunstverket at London Original Print Fair 2018


Sverre Bjertnes / Bjarne Melgaard: Untitled 2017, Etching, 102x142cm

Sverre Bjertnes (born 1976, Norway), a rising star in Norway’s contemporary art scene, has teamed up with the internationally acclaimed artist Bjarne Melgaard (born 1967, Australia) to make some astonishing etchings and monotypes. Bjertnes’ emotional and conceptual based classical portraits meet Melgaard’s rough iconography often with a strong personal interpretation referring to our generation’s diverse subcultural lifestyles and moral questions.


Hanne Borchgrevink: Yellow Sky, Woodcut, 2019, 35x38cm

Hanne Borchgrevink (born 1951, Norway) is one of Norway’s leading painters and printmakers. Over time, she has minimized her motivic range, concentrating on a set of basic shapes revolved around the silhouette of a house. Working with woodcuts in the intersection of abstraction and figuration, she is exploring the boundaries, and experimenting with the viewer’s perception of colors and forms.


Tore Hansen: Sunset, Woodcut, 2019, 52x52cm

Tore Hansen (born 1949, Norway) is renowned for his everyday existential observations of human beings and our relationship to nature. His simplified and naive forms of forests, trees, moose and people are transformed into existential human metaphors – often accompanied by bittersweet humor. Hansen’s preferred graphical technique is woodcut.


Ørnulf Opdahl: Glow, Etching, 2017, 37x37cm

Ørnulf Opdahl (born 1944, Norway), an internationally acclaimed painter and graphic artist. His works explore the vast and majestic landscapes of the west coast of Norway. Moving between observation and abstraction, Opdahl employs strong elements of colour and shape to build up compositions that highlight the scale of these epic proportions of nature.


Sidsel Westbø: New Moon, Woodcut and surface print, 2018, 35x44cm

Sidsel Westbø (born 1943, Norway), one of Norway’s foremost graphic printmakers. She has throughout her career worked almost exclusively with a combination of dry point and metal printing. She works with abstract motifs, usually in series, creating rhythmic works often inspired by nature and architecture.


Erling Valtyrson: Arrangement with Box, Mezzotint, 2018, 24x16cm

Erling Valtyrson (born 1955, Norway), is among the world's foremost artists in the technique of mezzotint. His works has been exhibited around the world and gathered much attention and recognition.


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