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Om Teemu Saukkonen

Teemu Saukkonen (f.1954)


Teemu Saukkonen studied at Kankaanpää Art School 1975–1978.

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Teemu Saukkonen

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Om Teemu Saukkonen

Teemu Saukkonen (f.1954)


Teemu Saukkonen studied at Kankaanpää Art School 1975–1978.

Utstillinger og samlinger - Teemu Saukkonen

Teemu Saukkonen's works are represented in the collections of more than 50 Finnish museums, communities and foundations and various towns and cities.Extensive retrospective exhibition at Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere in 2002.Public works e.g. Secondary School Naakan koulu, Valkeakoski in 1987, Tampere Hall in 1990, Outokumpu offices in Tornio in 1996, Kemira Corporate Centre in 1998, Tampere Polytechnic/Technical School in 2000.

Teknikk - Teemu Saukkonen

Teemu Saukkonen is known for his expressive paintings. Working is typically a physical struggle with large surfaces and relief-like layers of colour. He usually paints behind the doors of his own atelier, away from outsiders’ eyes. When Saukkonen takes on printmaking, the copper plate and printing press force his visual idiom to adopt a flatter form than in painting. Working at the Printmaking Studio Himmelblau is also socially different as compared to the privacy of his atelier: the working phases of metal graphics require the presence of professional art printers and feedback is more immediate than when painting in solitude.

Saukkonen has pursued to distinguish the expression of his prints from that of his paintings. While painting allows the surface to be fixed and covered and the result can be seen immediately, in printmaking one has to wait anxiously to see how the colours behave on a dampened paper. The resulting sums of colours are surprising – even to the artist.

(Himmelblau Printmaking Studio)


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